Chinese company wants to take over mine, residents and police clash in Palu

Jumat, 28 Oktober 2022 | 07.51.00 WIB

INIBACA.COM | PALU – Police and residents of gold miners in Poboya Village, Mantikulore District, Palu City, Central Sulawesi, clashed, on Wednesday (26/10) night.

The clash occurred when the police were about to enter the Poboya Palu Gold Mine area for security purposes.

The crowd, who had been taking action to block the entrance to the gold mining area managed by PT Citra Palu Minerals (CPM) since the afternoon, suddenly confronted the police. Clashes are hard to avoid.

From the information circulating, this clash was related to residents protesting the closure of a mine owned by the people which was to be taken over by a Chinese company.

In Lisna Wati's live Facebook account, residents can be seen running away from tear gas fired by the police.

Occasionally there are warning shots from the police on live Facebook.

"Now Poboya is sad, we were expelled, we want to die, we are people in our own village," said Lisna Wati's account in her live broadcast while crying.